Made in the Valley: Basilwood Farms

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Monday, November 14, 2016
Made in the Valley: Basilwood Farms
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How goats are helping beauty thrive for one Prather business.

PRATHER, California (KFSN) -- Jill Spruance puts her passion for handcrafted items in every bar of goats milk soap she makes, curates and cuts for her business Basilwood Farms.

"We just continue to grow. We've probably grown four times our size since the last time you were here," said Jill Spruance, Basilwood CEO.

Nearly three years ago, Basilwood was featured on Action News. Since then they've expanded their soap room by a thousand square feet, added employees of all aged, more goats, and even product. The latest development is the line of facial and beauty products for women, men and even babies.

"We have Mango Tango and Coffee Dream face cream," said Spruance.

Spruance says these items are reaching a growing number of customers who want natural beauty products. Even with their new line, goats milk soap remains their top seller.

Basilwood used to create 30 different varieties of goats milk soap, but these days they've expanded to 60 different flavors including one called River Daze.

The soaps and beauty products are made on site with milk from their own goat. The items are sold at about 45 retailers in the Central Valley, California and other states. Spruance says she's been able to highlight her unique products made locally through social media and home shows across the state.

"A lot of times they assume that nothing of quality comes out of the valley and we are proving them wrong," said Spruance.

Spruance says she is glad to be sharing her business with her family and even two year old grandson Max.

As for the future, she says sustainability is key.

"Our dream has always been to create a family business that we could pass on to our grand kids."

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