Longtime visitors take over Bayou Wildlife Zoo from original owner

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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This family is the real-life version of 'We Bought a Zoo'! They loved visiting the Bayou Wildlife Zoo, and bought it from the original owner.

ALVIN, Texas -- Matt Damon and his family made the impulsive decision to take over a zoo in the beloved movie "We Bought a Zoo".

Dana Lewis and her family are now living out that story in real-life, taking over Alvin's Bayou Wildlife Zoo from the original owner when he decided to retire.

Lewis and her family loved visiting the zoo for years, and told the original owner they wanted to keep the legacy alive and make the place perfect for future families to visit.

The 80-acre Bayou Wildlife Zoo has more than 500 animals including zebras, ostriches, camels, alligators and kangaroos. Many of them roam free so visitors can see and interact with them up close.

Lewis said, "I love this place forever."