In America's heartland, animal docs Ben and Erin Schroeder treat just about every type of animal

Be it a dog, cat, cow or llama, Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder see just about every type of animal in their rural Nebraska veterinary practice. The husband and wife team are featured on the National Geographic show Heartland Docs DVM.

"We have farms around us. We have ranches and so we see cattle, horses and pigs sometimes," said Dr. Ben Schroeder. "Then we have the other side of our practice where we see pets."

"It's never the same day twice," said Dr. Erin Schroeder. "A great thing for all of us to do during National Pet Month is help someone else find that love for pets, whether it's fostering or volunteering at your local animal shelter.

"It's really important that we protect those animals providing vaccinations with the help of your veterinarian is really crucial to making sure that each our our animals live a long, happy life," said Dr. Erin Schroeder.