Why Red Cross volunteers from California aren't being sent to help with Hurricane Laura relief

The hurricanes on the East Coast and wildfires in California are magnifying the need for more volunteers and resources.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave their homes in Louisiana and Texas, the Red Cross has deployed hundreds of volunteers to the Gulf Coast to help evacuees affected by Hurricane Laura.

"As the Red Cross, we made sure we have shelters and safe places. And we're making sure we're taking care of people in the best way we possibly can," says executive director for the Central Valley Red Cross, Lori Wilson.

According to Wilson, many employees and volunteers are working remotely, coordinating locations and supplies, while those on the ground are putting together hurricane kits and relief supplies throughout the area.

But you won't find any responders from California, as our state grapples with its own disaster.

Responders from the Golden State are not part of the relief effort since resources are needed in California while hundreds of wildfires continue to burn.

"The good news about the Red Cross is we have the ability to expand and contrast, so we might not have people from California going to support the hurricane but we have people from all over the rest of the country going to support," says Wilson.

Providing shelter and food for victims isn't easy during a pandemic.

Masks are required in all shelters, while volunteers also work to keep people socially distanced.

"Like for everything it's adding a layer that we have to account for, but we've been planning for this since the beginning, since all of this really started," says Wilson.

These natural disasters are now magnifying the need for more volunteers and resources.

You can find out information on how you can help by visiting the Red Cross website.
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