Clovis Unified School District re-opens Campus Club for the summer

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local school district is finding a way to provide an essential service to parents.

When Clovis Unified parent Ryan Kampf got the news that Campus Club, the district's before and after school program, would be open this summer, he said it was a game-changer.

"When Covid came up and Campus Club shut down it was a big deal for us," said Kampf.

He's one of many parents that rely on the program to watch their children as they go to work.

"It's still educational," said Kampf. "It's not daycare. I'm a student of Campus Club, so I know what I got out of it was more than just sitting around and waiting for my parents to come."

After shutting the program down due to COVID, district staff made the decision to reopen for the summer following social distancing guidelines and educating students about the changes in place.

"He understands the six feet," said Kampf. "They're educating them on what that means, washing hands, why they're wearing the mask."

Due to guidelines, Campus Club is only open at three sites for a fee and runs through July 31. They're already full with 150 students enrolled and have a waitlist in place for parents interested in enrolling.

"We wanted students to come out and be engaged, see each other, have fun, get them out of the house," said Program Supervisor Veronica Mendez. "But we also wanted to be a support system for people that want to go to work."

Staff says it's unclear what Campus Club will look like this fall. CUSD says they hope to provide parents with a plan of what the school year will look like by July 16.
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