Chevron helping teachers with "Fuel Your School" campaign

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chevron is donating thousands of dollars to teachers in Fresno County through their "Fuel Your School" campaign.

Megan Lopez, who is the public affairs representative with Chevron, explained this is the second year they've partnered with Fresno County schools to help teachers get supplies for their students.

"Chevron understands that school teachers they spend a lot of money out of their own pockets to get materials so we are here to help them with that," she said.

She said teachers fill out an application and from they choose from hundreds of teachers.

On Wednesday morning all seven teachers at CTEC High School received supplies.

John Delapp, a science teacher at CTEC, was given supplies to help his student understand the process of making concrete.

"We try to provide authentic learning experiences that are also linked with contents of other courses. So one of our pathways is commercial construction, currently they are working on a project in that class to make concrete pavers for a neighboring elementary school," he explained.

He added students can now experiment, changing one variable to figure out the best mixture of concrete.

Delapp mentioned this prepares students for the construction world outside of high school.

Last year Chevron donated nearly $200,00 to 265 teachers in Fresno County and they are looking to do the same this year.

"It's just great to know we have businesses in our community that really recognize the hard work that is going on and there is always that need for extra resources," said Jim Yovino who is the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools.

Anyone can help raise money for schools in Fresno County.

All you have to do is fill your tank at any participating Chevron or Texaco gas station in Fresno County.

Lopez explained they will donate $1 for every eight or more gallons when someone fills their tank.

"We are just appreciative and humbled and we just can't wait to do great things," Delapp explained.

Fuel Your School is part of Chevron's overall support for education, which has totaled over $400 million worldwide since 2013.

Teachers interested in applying for funding can go to and give a detailed list of the materials and supplies needed.
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