Fresno pastor holds powerful demonstration in church about recent officer-involved shootings

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The pastor of Fresno's Cornerstone Church is calling on members to address the issue in a different way.

Pastor Jim Franklin used fire to demonstrate how to handle the turmoil happening across the country. In a powerful message, he called upon the church to step up and not let what happened in other cities happen in Fresno.

"The thing that I'm asking people to do is not get out on the streets and march. That's not gonna bring about an answer. What's gonna bring about an answer for America is when we get on our knees and begin to pray," said Franklin.

He does believe in peaceful demonstrations, referring to Martin Luther King, but he also believes in timing.

"I think now's the time for us to pull it down just a little bit, take a look at what's happening. Let justice take its course, then there's things that do need to be addressed, and then we address those."

Churchgoers stood in unity, hand in hand, agreeing that God should come before anything else.

"Protest on your knees by talking to God and asking for his coverage and his protection. And he'll take care of the rest," said Yolanda Cato, church member.

The service also included a panel discussion with Fresno Police Lt. Mark Salazar.

Pastor Franklin said he knows there are cops who make wrong decisions. But when compared to all the right decisions, he said he still believes in the blue.

"It was really nice to see the support. Pastor Franklin, and just the whole church. It was very powerful. Hundreds of people were here, and so, to see that, it's nice, because we have a tough job. We have challenges," said Lt. Mark Salazar, Fresno Police.

Good cops, bad cops. Black or white. This church believes there's a fire burning and that, with God, they can help put it out.
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