Clovis Veterans Memorial District remembers the fallen

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- As the nation recognizes Memorial Day, the Clovis Veterans Memorial District is doing its part to honor the fallen.

In a day full of live music, remembrance ceremonies, food and even veteran documentaries, the District's CEO, Lorenzo Rios, says the event is all about fellowship.

The US Army Veteran says after a two-year wait due to the pandemic, it marks a special day for many in the Valley.

"To have everyone come out and be able to enjoy some fresh air and some sun has been absolutely incredible for everyone's mental health," Rios said. "Just to be able to look at each other."

Rios says this day of the year can be a trying time for many, but it's also a day to celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"We reflect on those who we've lost," Rios said. "But we also make sure that we let them know that their sacrifice matters and here we're doing something with those freedoms."

The Blue Star Moms, an organization made up of military moms supporting one another, are doing just that.

As a mother of three sons who have served or are currently serving in the military, Debi Molen understands the significance of the holiday.

"Today is important because we are honoring men and women who have sacrificed for country," Molen said.

Blue Star Mom Alyssa Griggs is also remembering those currently serving.

"A love for our children that I don't think we could put into words," Griggs said. "It's amazing to say that your son or daughter is serving."

The group says they offer support to moms currently waiting for their children to return home throughout the year -- something that can be difficult to navigate alone.

"When their child goes away and they're not quite sure what to expect, we want to be there for them," says Blue Star Mom Jackie Trafton.

For those who never returned, Rios reminds us not to forget their ultimate sacrifice.

"To do something with the sacrifices that have been made for them to live a life worthy of that sacrifice."
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