Former 'anti-vaxxer' from Clovis now urges vaccination after battling COVID in ICU

Sean and Shane Harrell were grateful to be able to celebrate their 47th birthday on Monday.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Identical twins from Clovis who weren't vaccinated against the coronavirus now have a new perspective on the pandemic after both of them had to be hospitalized.

Both have now been discharged from Community Regional Medical Center.

Sean and Shane Harrell were grateful to be able to celebrate their 47th birthday on Monday.

Sean admitted, "Yeah I am a former anti-vaxxer. It has changed my perspective."

The twins' wives Michelle and Jodi also got sick but their symptoms weren't as serious.

Sean spent 27 days in the hospital. Shane spent six days at CRMC last month.

Shane Harrell said, "I was scared and worried. I'm in there with COVID myself and I'm worried about my brother. He's in ICU fighting for his life and I'm hoping he's gonna make it."

Sean became ill after he and his wife took a trip to Las Vegas.

He said, "My friends had the vaccine. They had a cough. Trust me. I'd rather have the cough. I had COVID, I had COVID pneumonia. The meds that I was on caused ulcers. I ended up having to get five blood transfusions."

Sean even suffered a mini-stroke.

Shane shared, "The hardest part of this whole ordeal was seeing my brother intubated with every tube going everywhere possible."

The twins work as mechanics at the family-owned business, Charlie Automotive in Clovis. They do everything together but didn't count on getting sick together.

Shane recalled, "All I could do was talk to him. Tell him to stay strong. I told him he's a fighter - 'Keep fighting bro. Just keep fighting'."

Sean now needs to learn how to walk and use his right arm again.

"I can't go fast. My lungs are still fighting trying to get the air, that's why I'm on oxygen now," he said.

But at least the twins were able to joke with each other again.

They urged people to get vaccinated to protect not just themselves but their loved ones.

Shane and Sean added they believe most people who were opposed to the vaccine or who downplayed the pandemic have never had a loved one become seriously ill with COVID.

Both said they will get their shots in the future.

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