Clovis Unified asking parents for input on schedule changes starting Fall 2022

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Starting in fall of 2022, the class bell will be ringing a little later for 7th-12th grade students.

"There was a new law that was passed in California that changes the start time of high school and intermediate school," says Clovis Unified spokesperson Kelly Avants.

Class can not start before 8 am for intermediate students and 8:30 for high school students, but the change will impact more than just middle and high school students.

"We are a K-12 school district and we rely on a group of buses to transport our kids," Avants said. "We rely on food service systems to feed our kids lunches and breakfast."

Since resources like buses and food services are shared across the district, the new law means elementary students will see new start times as well.

Clovis Unified parent Amy Horn does not support the new start times.

"The idea was children will get more rest, but that won't be true because they'll be getting done with their school days and extracurriculars later," she said.

Since a later start time will also impact after-school and extracurricular activiites, she says this could mean later days and nights for kids.

"It makes it more challegning to fit everything in and not have your kid going to bed at midnight because they didn't get home from all their extracurricular activities until 9:30 pm," Horn said.

Clovis Unified is asking parents for their input especially for K-6th grade students.

You can submit your input on the district's website or your school website.
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