Pine Ridge Elementary family authors children's book

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A pair of young authors are hoping to get their peers interested in coding, and they're off to a great start! Their book is already on the shelf of their school library.

When it comes to writing, it's a family affair for the Guembes'.

"Jacob came to me and started talking about it and discussing it and building a world for it," said parent and co-creator of the book R.A. 'Tony' Guembes.

Tony and his sons, Jacob and Oliver, are co-creators of CODEY-B and the Python's Code.

"It started as google doc then we put it into the right format," explained Jacob Guembes. "Throughout the year it taught me coding, it taught me a lot of stuff."

Tony was able to put his kids' vision into motion, creating the first book in the CODEY-B series.

"I think my favorite part was coming up with the coding and writing the book because I've always wanted to write a book," added Jacob.

Unlike your standard children's book, the story introduces kids to coding through an interactive journey with the book's protagonist Codey-B.

"It teaches them basic coding," explained Tony, "So you can scan in and learn about coding on our website and it really is giving kids hope and ideas of what the future can look like and should look like."

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and of course the Pine Ridge Elementary School Library.

"To see it when you walk in the library, to see that display it makes me proud, it excites me to see that we have kids interested in literacy beyond just I'm going to read a book," said Superintendent Steve Rosa.

The family is already working on the second book with plans to release it in 2022.
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