Fresno State student celebrates a life full of purpose

Friday, April 13, 2018

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State student Jasmine Castillo uses her birthday to show her birth 24 years ago was full of purpose. She says she's here on this earth for a reason-- to serve the community.

Friday, Castillo's celebrating her 24th birthday by handing out about 300 burritos and waters to feed those who are hungry near the Poverello House.

"This all started on my 21st birthday," she said. "I wanted to get away from the stigma that we have to drink when we turn 21, go party, all that crazy stuff. And I wanted to show that my birth is full of purpose."

On her 21st and 22nd birthdays, Castillo raised funds and donations to purchase toiletries to donate to the Poverello House. On her 23rd birthday, she decided to do something more interactive by making burritos for some of the homeless people she saw outside of the Poverello House. Last year, she made 100 burritos. This year, with the help of about eight volunteers, her goal is 300. She's also had a couple of friends donate money for all the ingredients.

"I do this because it makes me feel like I'm here for a purpose," Castillo said. "Why do I have to go get intoxicated on my birthday. Why can't I make burritos? Isn't that something more beneficial?"