Tummy Tuck

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Extra belly rolls can feel frumpy. They belie all the work you put in by exercising and eating well. Fresno plastic surgeon Dr. Kaye Riolo, who is board certified in general and plastic surgery, performs tummy tuck surgeries that can restore a flat stomach and improve your self-esteem as well as the fit of your clothing. Sometimes diet and exercise can't produce the results you desire.

Choosing Tummy Tuck Surgery
Some liposuction surgeries only work to slim your contours by removing fat. They rely on the ability of the skin to shrink. A Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty not only removes fat, but also corrects two other aspects that contribute to that flabby look and feel. The surgery removes excess skin that would not be removed in other ways and tightens the muscle fascia that was stretched by weight gain, babies-or both.

Is a tummy tuck just for women?
Absolutely not! While childbearing is certainly the leading cause of abdominal changes repaired with a tummy tuck, men have belly issues too! Men who have lost a great deal of weight will develop loose hanging skin and laxity of the abdominal wall fascia. This problem can be addressed with a tummy tuck. Some spare tires on men can be addressed with liposuction.

I heard that the fat all comes back anyway. Is that true?
Once those fat cells are removed, they are gone forever. The next time you gain five or 10 pounds, it will accumulate in the next priority area as defined by your hormones and genes. Dr. Riolo can evaluate your body preoperatively and discuss removing fat from these areas at the same time with lipo-contouring. Or she may suggest that you wait and see what happens. You may like the new contours!