Use #BeLocalish promo code SAFETY10 and get 10% off your designer fashionable face masks

LOS ANGELES -- Like many small business owners, designer Troy Anthony was forced to think outside the box after the coronavirus pandemic halted his business.

He decided to produce tailor-made face masks as a way to stay productive and help others.

"Obviously, right now, luxury goods are not essential needs," Anthony said. "That's my market. That's what I do. So it's helped me to reassess things."

Anthony is partnering with Pearian Shirt Makers in Orange County, CA, to manufacture the face masks and help keep the company's employees on the payroll.

"Troy is a phenomenal designer. As soon as he called me I knew that we had a partnership that would work," said Varak Armoudikian, founder of Pearian Shirt Makers. "We went from tailored clothing to tailored face masks. It's been great for both of us, and it's been great for our employees that we've been able to keep supported because of it."

"I'm definitely not the only one making masks, but I'm trying to put my own spin on it," said Anthony. "I think the masks are going to be part of the normality for a long time coming."

A portion of sales proceeds go to making mask donations to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in West Los Angeles. Use the #BeLocalish promo code SAFETY10 and get 10% off your order.