Firefighters battling Creek Fire find Halloween surprise while in Auberry

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A skeleton may typically be a spooky sight, but for firefighters battling the Creek Fire, the Halloween decoration kept them smiling instead.

Kathy Reiring has seen the impact fire crews have had on her community first hand. She was an employee at Cressman's store and lives in Auberry.

She watched as her neighbor's homes and her workplace burned to the ground.

Reiring set up a camera outside her home with Scuttles the Skeleton. Her cameras captured firefighters, posing for photos with the skeleton outside of her home.

"We did it hoping to make their day and brighten their day, you know. They are far away from home and just put a smile on their face, and I feel like we've done that, and at the same time, they put a smile on our face," she said.

One of the firefighters even gave Scuttles the shirt off his back replacing his Pine Ridge Fire Department shirt with one of their own.

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