Creek Fire: Community donations help displaced families and livestock

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Donations are making a difference to people who've had to evacuate themselves or their livestock in moments due to the Creek Fire.

"I saw this huge stack of hay and they said that was for us, and I just started crying because it was one less thing that we had to worry about to prepare for and take care of all of our horses," said Chrissy Buckles of Coarsegold.

Buckles is one of many that has animals at the Clovis Rodeo grounds. The Central California animal disaster team is heading the effort there and asking for donations to care for animals big and small.

The devastating impact of the Creek Fire has pulled on the heartstrings of many Valley residents, including Heather Morton.

She gave supplies directly to evacuees and made a donation to the fire department after making a post online.

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"It was word of mouth and the whole community. I had 104 people actually donate. We raised $4,300 in two days. It's been amazing. It's been incredible, really," Morton said.

The Red Cross is asking people to donate cash directly to get the items they need and because of COVID concerns.

The fire departments are also advising people to go through the Red Cross because of restrictions.

At the Little Gym of Fresno, they're accepting toiletries and baby items for evacuated families and front line workers Tuesday through Friday.

The Hay Co. in Sanger is also taking donations to help animals. They started a Venmo account for donations.

"All of the proceeds go directly to purchasing hay, grain, halters. We've been asked for muck forks," said Cari Cuhna, The Hay Co.

Cuhna says the devastation hits home and she was moved to help.

"We were raised with 'in times of good you build a bigger table, not a bigger fence,' and I think this is one of those times we can do that."

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