How to get your favorite discontinued beauty products back

Many of us become very attached to certain products on the market, so it can be very upsetting if suddenly the manufacturer stops making it. 7 On Your Side found there can be a solution.

It's a challenge to find a replacement for many discontinued products, but it's especially hard to match a shade of lipstick or eye color. Now, there is good news. These days you can still find products that are no longer being made.

The lipstick you can't live without, the perfect shade of eye shadow, your signature perfume scent, when your favorite beauty product gets discontinued, let's face it, saying goodbye is not a good option!

"Women get so attached to their beauty products. You feel like you're losing a limb when something gets discontinued," beauty and fashion expert Michelle Park said.

Customers like Jennifer Fisherman-Ruff simply refuse to let the shelving of her go-to cosmetics keep them off of her shelf. She said, "When you love what you love, you want it. I found a lip gloss that I loved so much from Chanel so then I purchased 27 of them."

So they're keeping the secondary resale market alive and well thanks to websites like and -- popular destinations for rediscovering retired products.

"If your product has been discontinued, I would say start by doing a quick online search. If your beauty product has been gone for a while, go to one of the sellers that helps to make your product as close to that color as possible," Park said.

And everything old can be made new again. Some companies specialize in recreating make-up must-haves.

Three Custom Color Specialists has resurrected more than 10,000 shades of discontinued make-up, dating back to the 1930s and even attracting A-list celebrities who want their beauty essentials brought back to life.

"One of our most famous clients is Angelina Jolie. We've actually have had the opportunity to custom blend for her and her makeup artist a beautiful discontinued shade by Guerlain. It's the perfect neutral lip color," said one beauty expert.

It's beauty's best-kept secret yet! You can also use the Internet to find other discontinued products -- maybe a favorite beverage, appliance, even china patterns.

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