Local Mexican restaurant, El Premio Mayor, celebrating 25 years

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local Mexican restaurant El Premio Mayor is celebrating 25 years of serving our community.

Belen Ramirez works alongside her two daughters, keeping their family business running, but this accomplishment didn't come easy.

"I started with a tiny trailer just looking to make ends meet," Ramirez said.

And while her talent was strong in the kitchen, it's the business side she navigated with many barriers.

"My mom is a true example of a hustler, orgullo Hispano, she was a single mom, and that is a setback, and she only speaks Spanish," said Bianca Loza, manager of El Premio Mayor.

Her three children jumped in to help at a young age.

Bianca remembers taking orders at just eight years old and says her brother, Adrian Loza, took the family business to the next level.
"He had won the Taco Truck Throw Down, and that helped us build our popularity, and from that point on, we had to finish what he started," Bianca said.

Adrian passed away in 2016. Ramirez says they miss him every day and know he would be proud.

"We feel so blessed and thankful with God for the life he's given us, including the good and bad," Ramirez said.

The family now has two food trucks and two storefronts. They say everything they've overcome and experienced only motivates them to dream bigger and work harder every single day.

"We are hoping to celebrate our next anniversary event whether it be 30 or 50 years! We hope to move on forward," said Bianca.

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