Apps that help you earn

ORLANDO, Fla. (KFSN) -- As of 2017, there were over two million apps available to Android and Apple users. While most of these apps are just for work or play, there are some apps that can put some cash back in your wallet.

Crystal Josephson grew up in a couponing family. But now she's utilizing the modern way, with apps!

"So my mom really likes the paper coupons and going out and getting the inserts every week, I'm more into the tech side so I like to use the apps, I like to print out coupons online," explained Josephson.

One of her favorites is Ibotta. This app offers cash-back rebates, where you scan your receipt or link the app to your store card. While the cash-back amounts may be small, this can add up when you use it for daily purchases like groceries.

Second is Shopkick. This app rewards you with points for shopping at popular stores, like CVS or Best Buy, and you can trade the points in for gift cards.

If you have some free time to answer surveys or watch videos, Swagbucks will give you points that you can also trade in for gift cards at places like Starbucks and Amazon.

Crystal's advice? "Start small, so as far as the apps, there are so many apps out there," she said.

Start small to see if you can earn big.

All of the apps listed are free to download. Experts advise reading the fine print before you download any app. Check the privacy policy for what they do with your data, how they make their money, and read what other users have to say.
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