Rom-com 'Fire Island' hits Hulu just in time for Pride Month

NEW YORK -- Just in time for Pride Month, comes a different kind of romantic comedy taking place on Fire Island, which also happens to be the title of this new movie streaming now on Hulu.

Two best friends head there for a week of summer fun, sun, and romance.

Two gay couples fall in love on "Fire Island" and the result is a new twist on a familiar genre known as a romantic comedy or "rom-com."

"It feels really great to see yourself in that type of film because growing up when do you ever get the opportunity to see yourself get that moment? That, spoiler alert, a couple of the gentlemen up here get?" said Matt Rogers, "Luke" in "Fire Island."

Joel Kim Booster wrote a part for himself and for his friend Bowen Yang, who came to fame on "Saturday Night Live". The story is set in "The Pines" area of Fire Island.

"It is a story about chosen family. It's a rom-com obviously between the two couples that are falling in love in the movie, but it is also as much a story about my friendship with Bowen and that sort of journey that we go on," Booster said.

Comedian Margaret Cho plays their den mother, but it's not all sweetness and light here.

"A lot of us probably relate to this idea of inadequacy of not feeling like we measure up to some arbitrary standard that we place on ourselves or the community places on us," Yang said.

"It really is like how do we oppress each other when there's no one around to oppress us?" Booster said.

The idea is to create a three-dimensional portrait: What Booster calls, "really special, unique, and gay."

"Fire Island" is a Searchlight film streaming now on Hulu. Both are owned by Disney, the same parent company as this station.
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