Clovis shop serves up ice cream bar with a twist

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- This isn't your ordinary ice cream's a bar - dipped and sometimes double-dipped - too sweet perfection.

"The looks on kids faces when they get their bars, chocolate, and sprinkles, it's amazing," said Mario Vejar.

Vejar is the owner of Dip Me One, a new business operating from Roll Me Some, a rolled ice cream shop in Old Town Clovis.

He started the business to elevate his ice cream game.

"Dip me one is a hand-dipped premium ice cream bar, so we'll dip it in different dip flavorings. We have chocolate, blue raspberry, butterscotch and there's a lot of flavors we're experiencing at the moment and then we'll roll it In different toppings," Vejar said.

From Oreos to butterfingers, the toppings list goes on and on. Vejar says if customers can dream it, they can satisfy their sweet tooth. He says this treat is one where it's okay to double-dip.

The Valley resident's inspiration actually came from a childhood favorite.

"As a kid, my mom would take us to Costco and they had these good vanilla dipped ice cream bars that they rolled in almonds. They stopped doing it years ago, but for some reason, it always stayed in my head," said Vejar.

That idea has caught on in the past two months since they started. With more and more customers wanting to try the cold treats.

The cost is $5 for a customized bar.

The owners are experimenting and could one day open a Dip Me One storefront.

You can try the hand-dipped ice cream yourself. Just come to Roll Me Some on the weekends or stop by the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market on Fridays or on Saturday they'll be at Tioga Sequoia Brewing.
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