Sweet corn back on sale at Fresno State's Gibson Farm Market

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Close to 200 people waited early Friday morning outside Fresno State's Gibson Farm Market, for one thing.

"I thought I would come on out and get some of that sweet corn," said Customer Dolores Gibson.

"This corn is good corn," said Customer Joseph Ramos. "It is sweet, good and fresh."

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Sweet Corn. Every year people far and wide come to the market in droves hoping to get their hands on some. When it goes on sale you can count on two things; freshness and a big crowd.

"As for why it's so good, I can't explain, I don't grow it so I don't what they're doing for the growing stage, but it does set itself apart. It is just better than anything you can find in the area," said Sydney Manning Gibson Market employee and student.

The first people got in line before the sun even came up. Claudia Wells arrived around 4:30 hoping to be first, but had to settle for second.

"I'm going to fry corn, I'm going to boil corn, corn pudding, and corn salsa," said Wells.

All of the yellow and white sweet corn planted, grown and harvested by Fresno State students on their campus farm. Once the doors opened, people crowded around bins stuffing corn into bags. some buying a few ears and others dozens. Manning said colder temperatures sticking around longer impacted their first-day harvest.

"That just made the growing kind of stop," she said. "The yield wasn't as high for opening corn day, but it won't be a problem for the rest of the corn season."

Rest assured, there's still plenty to go around until at least August. You can get two ears for a dollar and it's first come first serve.
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