Fresno Unified teacher's video of Disney-themed classroom goes viral

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- What if school felt more like a visit to Disneyland?

A Fresno Unified is doing just that for her kindergarten students at Ayer Elementary School.

Carlanda Williams showed off her class at a new school this year on Facebook, complete with a "Small World" social studies area and more.

The video has been viewed over one million times.

It's Williams' third time setting up her Disney classroom but at different schools each year. She said she paid for everything herself and has added more decor.

She's been working on her room since June but said it was well worth the effort.

"I feel magical when I'm in my room, and I think the kids feel that magic too," Williams said. "I think it makes a difference to make a welcoming classroom. Every teacher is different. but this is what I love to do."

Carlanda says she got her name "the Magical Teacher" by one of her third-grade students. From there, the name stuck.

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