Raging fire destroys Fresno County business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Early Tuesday morning, a fire destroyed a home and former market in Fresno County.

"I pulled up this morning and saw all this water over here, and I saw the house burned," says fruit stand over Sal Munguia. "It was just very sad to see it burned."

Munguia is the owner of the El Colimote fruit stand. For the last few years, he's been able to park his business in front of what used to be Jennie's Market.

He usually gets to see and be greeted by the family who lived there.

However, it was a different routine on Tuesday morning. Not knowing if his friends were safe, he immediately called them.

"She got me back on the phone," Munguia said. "I just asked her if everyone is okay, are you guys alright. She said, 'Everybody is okay.'"

The family says the store belonged to their parents, Jennie and Peter. They passed away several years ago, and in the last few years, they had to close down the store due to economic reasons.

California fire officials say the fire caused around $200,000 of damage.

"I feel bad about seeing their house getting burned," Munguia said. "I hope they are going to be okay."

The cause is still under investigation, but they are looking into the possibility of it being electrical.

The family did report having electrical issues earlier on in the night.
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