Fresno County Fruit Trails kicks off this weekend

You have a chance to enjoy freshly-picked produce bursting with flavor from our own backyard this holiday weekend.
FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- You have a chance to enjoy the cooler weather while tasting what the Central Valley has to offer when the 19th annual Fresno County Fruit Trail kicks off on Saturday.

More than three dozen roadside stands and markets will be open along the self-guided tour beginning this holiday weekend.

It's a great time to enjoy the flavor of fresh produce from our own backyard this holiday weekend.

"This is something that really does help drive tourism here. I get calls in my office on almost a daily basis this time of year for folks wanting to learn more about what we do and they want to go stop at these farms. We got people coming from throughout the world to see them. (Valley residents should) take advantage of what typically is a five-to-ten minute drive for most people," says Ryan Jacobsen with the Fresno County Farm Bureau.

Similar to a wine trail, the Fruit Trail is a self-guided tour through Fresno County's countryside with several stands and markets along the way where you can purchase some of the best produce around.

Orchards full of ripe fruit offer a beautiful backdrop in between stops on your way to supporting local.

Sweet Girl Farms in Reedley owner and operator Liset Garcia says the trail offers a unique experience for visitors eager to learn how their fruit is grown.

"You can many times meet the farmer, so the person that's producing your fruit is also sometimes the face of the farm stand so you get to have more insight," says Garcia.

Picking up fresh fruit and vegetables from a local stand along the trail certainly has its advantages

They're going to be fresher and tastier and a little bit cheaper.

For example, at Sunshine's Fruit Stand, you can purchase a basket of strawberries for $3 to $4 as opposed to the grocery store where they could be as high as almost $6.

"The fact is that at these roadside farms, you're working directly with the farmer. A lot of times that product was picked that morning and you're picking it up later that morning or afternoon so take advantage of what very few other people throughout the country get to do," says Jacobsen.

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