4 jailed, 1 sought after fight at Fresno's Fashion Fair Mall

Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Action News has uncovered new details following a violent brawl at Fashion Fair Mall that was caught on camera.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Action News has uncovered new details following a violent brawl at Fashion Fair Mall that was caught on camera. Fresno police say one of the suspects, Demariea Robinson, 20, turned himself in on Thursday night. They're still actively searching for Isaiah Moore. Police say that fight sparked eight shootings and a murder.

Four of the five people they were after are now in the Fresno County Jail. They're facing serious charges following that violent fight, and police hope those charges are just serious enough to keep them in custody.

What was normally a quiet Saturday evening at the mall turned into a fight that was caught on cellphone video. Police are now releasing that the victim was hit with pieces of furniture, and the fight was over a long-standing feud between rivaling gangs.

"These two black gang alignments have decades of history together, of not getting along, but it's just one incident that sparks everything again, and so that Fashion Fair incident sparked it again," said Lt. Mark Salazar of the Fresno Police Department.

Salazar says the case was made difficult as no one wanted to talk and no one would tell police what really happened inside the mall that night. But it didn't take the gang experts long to figure out who was behind the targeted attack.

"These detectives in here have such an established background in gangs that they're able to look at video, they're able to hear nicknames and they know who they are," said Salazar.

He's referring to five men. Four are now behind bars but the fifth is still wanted.

"He was one of the ones involved getting pieces of furniture and fighting. It's really a violent assault. We're lucky the gang member victim was not really seriously injured and not still in the hospital," said Salazar.

The rival gang members don't like each other, and police say this one fight caused eight shootings across the city. Police also believe the murder of Toma Threat, 19, was directly connected. It took 50 officers hitting five different homes and 10 search warrants, but it led them to the five men, whom police hope will learn their lesson behind bars.

Detectives say their investigation into this fight and the rivaling gangs is far from over, as the hunt for that fifth suspect continues.