Fresno State offering new LGBTQ2+ Studies Minor

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Thursday, November 17, 2022
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Fresno State is adding a new minor to the mix.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State is adding a new minor to the mix.

Amber Swallow still remembers her first women studies course.

"I took it as a minor and was like, I love these classes more than I love my major classes," said Fresno State Graduate Amber Swallow.

The classes, offered by the College of Social Sciences at Fresno State, will now count toward a minor in LGBTQ2+ studies.

"It's complimentary to any major you take at Fresno State because it's important for you to have this knowledge and understanding about the LGBTQ community," said Fresno State Professor Kat Fobear.

The minor will consist of 5 courses, preparing students for any career in the community.

"I think this minor is really important for anyone who wants to do community work," said Fobear. "Whether that's in health care, justice, social work, mental health."

For Amber, the courses solidified her goal to work as a teacher.

"I'm like I need this class," said Swallow. "I'm going to be talking to students, and have students coming to me and asking me these questions or talking about these things."

Applications are already open. Students can start the courses next spring and declare the minor in fall of 2023.

For details on how to apply email