More Fresno, Clovis Unified students fall behind amid virtual learning

Fresno Unified says when it comes to Ds and Fs, they've seen an increase of about 10% during virtual learning.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As distance learning surpasses the one-year mark, Fresno County school districts are noticing a concerning trend more students are falling behind and even failing.

Fresno Unified Instructional Superintendent Edward Gomes said when the district made the switch to virtual, some students' grades started heading in the wrong direction.

"It was not only us but we saw this with our neighbor districts and California as a whole - that we first noticed in the student grades there was an increase in Ds and Fs," he said.

Clovis Unified has also seen some students' grades slip.

"Students fall behind every year, there's a little more this year but not a lot more," said Clovis Unified Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction Debbie Parra.

Fresno Unified says when it comes to Ds and Fs, they've seen an increase of about 10% during virtual learning.

Clovis Unified says for their middle and high school students, they saw a 7% increase in students failing math and English last semester.

So what should you do if your student is struggling?

For Clovis Unified, the district says they're assessing the number of students who could benefit from summer school - and encouraging parents to sign up.

"That number is much larger than it has been in the past so right now we're reaching out to the parents to see if they're willing to send their kids to summer school," said Parra.

The district is planning for in-person summer school classes, with smaller class sizes at more locations.

For Fresno Unified, the district has already shifted their learning schedule, making Mondays a catch-up day for students.

"That's one of the reasons we modified the schedule to create these Mondays where we don't have full teaching days on Mondays. It's a connection point in the mornings," said Gomes.

They're offering additional tutoring on Mondays for students who need the extra help.

Additional virtual tutoring is also being offered by Fresno Unified teachers throughout the week after school hours.
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