Weather Whiplash: Doctor warns drastic swing in temperatures could affect your allergies

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rollercoaster weather like we're seeing this week can take a toll on your body.

Fresno is seeing a drop from the 90s on Friday to the upper 60s by Monday.

Allergy experts say a swing in temperatures greater than 20 degrees in a short period of time can mean a shock to the system. That could result in early allergy symptoms as we adjust to the weather.

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Some people may experience itchy eyes, a runny nose, throat congestion, or even breathing issues.

"In terms of internally, our body is wondering what is happening, so our sympathetic fight or flight risk mode is triggered, and so that is why you kind of feel chills depending on the temperature," said allergist Dr. Praveen Buddiga.

Health experts say in some cases, people may also experience dizzy spells.

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They recommend cranking up the AC or using fans to regulate the temperature and ease your body into the new conditions.

They also want to remind you to stay hydrated to minimize those symptoms. Not drinking enough water can make symptoms feel more extreme on our bodies.

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