Caught on camera: Fresno man rescues fisherman stranded on sunken boat in frigid waters

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Half Moon Bay is a spot known for high waves and experienced surfers.

But it's also a place Fresno resident Nhia Vang goes fishing for salmon.

That's what he was doing Wednesday morning out on the ocean with friends, looking for that big catch.

His Go Pro was rolling, capturing his experience - one he decided to cut short after realizing the waves were getting stronger. He realized he did not want to go further in because it was a danger zone.

But in that zone, Vang heard screaming.

Ignoring the signs of danger, he decided to kayak towards the noise.

As he raced against the swell and through the thick fog, Vang eventually found a stranded man.

The man's boat was submerged in the frigid water and Vang tells us he had spent three hours calling for help.

"When I got to him he was shivering, cold and holding on to dear life. And I got closer and closer and found out he was in the water and the only thing holding him up was the foam from his plastic folding."

The Central Valley native then called Harbor Patrol.

Video shows them rushing in as Vang pulled the man closer to him.

"I just kept on calming him down - I'm like, don't worry about stuff and I'm not going to leave you," Vang recalls.

And while he didn't go home with any fish, Vang tells us the biggest reward was how the trip ended.

"Just helping somebody and hopefully someday they will help somebody else," he says.
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