Horn Photo reopens doors in north Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the first time in weeks, customers were able to set foot inside Horn Photo in north Fresno.

"I was looking forward to it because I knew they would be open today, just happy to be the first customer," said Cysko Sustaita.

With masks on, employees greeted customers and helped them with buying film or other camera needs.

"I'm very excited to serve them," said Shelly Grosz, Horn Photo owner.

The store changed some of its layout to help people follow social distance guidelines.

"We've limited the kiosks, access for customer. We've limited the registers. We can only have eight customers in our doors at a time," Grosz said.

Shelly and Stan Grosz are the owners of Horn Photo. It's been in business for 83 years and the Grosz family has owned it for 30 years. The shelter in place impacted the small business.

"We took a hit somewhere around 87 percent off. We were a little lucky because we have an online presence. It's really active, so a lot of people order prints and we were able to do free shipping. Everyday, I delivered all over Fresno," said Stan Grosz, Horn Photo owner.

The staff kept the Kodak lab alive while the business was closed to customers.

Now with the reopening, Grosz is hoping to bring back more employees and find success.

"That's all anybody's talking about the safety, which were just going to do those, it's going to be autopilot from here on out. But the number one thing, the staff and we have to remember to do what we were good at before. Go back to what you were good at; taking care of customers and knowing photography," Grosz said.

Getting back to the basics during a new chapter in business.

Big horn photo is open Monday through Saturday 10-6. They're also doing curbside to serve customers who want to keep their social distance.
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