Making sure your car is prepared for triple-digit Valley temperatures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With summer around the corner and triple-digit heat already hitting the Central Valley, taking the proper steps to ensure the A/C and engine of your car are ready to go is vital.

Jim Barlogio, the owner of The Auto Shop in Visalia, says several people have already faced some hiccups on the road within the last week.

"We had a couple who came here -- one, the A/C was frozen solid. You cannot drive it and it was towed," he said. "We actually had two or three."

In his 42 years of serving the Visalia community, Barlogio says those cases never fail to happen before and during summer.

He says worst of all, it leads to a dent in many people's wallets and, at times, ruins vacations.

"Now you are at the mercy of the tow truck, finding a shop and your weekend is messed up, so you put yourself in a tough spot," he said. "Preventative maintenance is what I preach."

He recommends keeping an eye out on the check engine light and regular yearly check-ins.

"If something comes up, be cautious because you don't want to get stuck out here, especially when it's 105 degrees," Barlogio said.

He says many of those items don't have to be replaced at once but are good to keep in mind so you can stay safe and cool on the road.
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