Anonymous man buys 100 generators to help victims in the Bahamas

An anonymous Florida farmer purchased 100 generators to aid Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas.

The man was seen buying 100 generators that total to nearly $450 a pop at a Jacksonville Costco, the receipt totaled to nearly $50,000.

The world only knows of the man's deeds after another Costco customer, Alec Sprague, snapped two photos of the anonymous donor buying the generators.

Sprague said he approached the man and thanked him for is generous act.

Sprague said the donor did not want any attention and asked that people should focus on helping those in the hardest hit area of the Bahamas.

The islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama was recently devastated by the Category 5 storm of Hurricane Dorian earlier this week.

Here's how you can help communities hit by Hurricane Dorian.