Prosecutors show jury video of fatal fight outside Kearney market two years ago

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the first time, it's clear what happened inside Kearney Market on a Saturday night in 2016. Anthony Jones was at the counter buying beer when a heated Eric Gallardo is seen hollering in the doorway.

Within seconds the fight becomes a murder.

Gallardo is on trial for murdering Anthony Jones. Jones went by the name Chicken and was tracked down for some behavior the defendant claims was demeaning to his family.

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No one disputes Gallardo is the gunman.

"Eric tells the officer, man I blacked out. I was like whoa. And he does pull his weapon and he does shoot, that's obviously what happened," said Michael Cardoza, Gallardo's attorney.

Action News can't show Gallardo in court, but he looks very different from the man in a mugshot. He appears thinner now and Monday many of his tattoos were covered by his suit and tie.

The defendant didn't know the victim until that day.

The deputy District Attorney said Gallardo went into the market ready for a showdown and armed for a confrontation

"He sought out Chicken, he assaulted Chicken, and then he killed Chicken," Pebet said.

Gallardo told investigators the victim had grabbed the mother of his child in the buttocks and tried to kick at his one-year-old, prompting him to track down Jones and give him some select words.

Gallardo claims he challenged Jones to a fist fight outside. But after the brawl began, it quickly ended when five gunshots rang out.

On the ground was Chicken dying. Investigators say Gallardo then sped off in his red Camaro. He was found and arrested a few days later at a gas station in Stockton. The trial continues Tuesday.
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