Man convicted of killing 2 women, shooting 4 others applies for clemency

A Central Valley woman is sending out a desperate plea to Governor Jerry Brown to keep a man who was convicted of shooting her and several others in prison.

45-year-old Keith Doolin was sentenced to death back in 1996 for murdering two women and shooting four others. He's currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County.

Now one of Doolin's victims, Marlene Mendibles, is speaking out about the night he shot her and left her paralyzed.

Mendibles notes she was working as a prostitute the night Doolin picked her up and took her to an unfamiliar location near Florence and Maple.

"I said where you are going? He said there's a place down here where the girls usually take me," said Mendibles. "I didn't like it. I just felt wrong, so I just got out of the truck."

Mendibles goes on to say, "He said I bet you will remember me and I heard a pop. I was just blank I knew I was hit and I wanted somebody to find me."

Now nearly 25 years later, the Fresno County District Attorney's Office is encouraging governor Brown to reject Doolin's clemency application.

Citing evidence in the case proves that he is guilty of all crimes.

But Doolin's mother over the phone says her son was wrongfully convicted and had a court-appointed attorney who should have never been representing him.

"The court knew that he had been disbarred at the time of trial," said Doolin's mother Donna Larsen. "So all of that put together has made not only Keith a victim of circumstances but has made the family of friends that Fresno has set up as well."

But Mendibles say she knows for a fact Doolin shot her.

And she wants Gov. Brown to keep that in mind when considering clemency.

Action News reached out to Governor Brown's office for a statement and we were told they do not comment on individual applications and that the Governor acts on only a small fraction of cases.

I also reached out to Doolin's attorney's and was told: "Due to the case complexity, they cannot make any comment at this time other than that he was wrongfully convicted and should not be on death row."
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