Sarah Hacker ousts Keith Fagundes for Kings County District Attorney

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A big upset in Kings County as Sarah Hacker ousts Incumbent District Attorney Keith Fagundes.

After two terms, Kings County District Attorney Keith Fagundes lost his seat to attorney Sarah Hacker by at least 15% of the vote, her campaign focusing on ethical issues and representation.

"That each and every citizen of Kings County know that I am going to represent them," said Hacker, District Attorney Elect for Kings County.

Incumbent Fagundes went into the election facing some serious allegations. Last year, a Kings County employee accused him of sexual harassment.

He responded to them back in July of 2021.

"They're largely false. There may be some grain of reality in his mind, but they're largely misconstrued as well," explained Keith Fagundes, District Attorney of Kings County.

Hacker says her focus, for now, is serving her district and following through on her platform, "Justice for All".

"I want to make sure that people aren't receiving preferential treatment because they have a lot of money or they're connected to a certain person. I want to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equally," added Hacker.

Action News reached out to District Attorney Fagundes, but he was not available for comment, he is expected to appear in court in San Bernardino County sometime in September for the alleged allegations.
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