Kingsburg woman speaking for first time about murder of mother and grandmother

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Memories of her mother still put a smile on Alison Dupras' face. (KFSN)

Memories of her mother still put a smile on Alison Dupras' face.

"She could be having the roughest day and you would never know. Very selfless. Completely selfless. I wish I had more of that from her," said Dupras.

Jennifer Dupras spent 26 years as an educator, retiring as principal of Washington Elementary School in Kingsburg last year.

By the end of the year, she was a murder victim--shot and killed alongside her 88-year-old mother, Cynthia Houk.

Alison's life has been in upheaval ever since.

"Had to move out of Fresno. Got a new job, new apartment, new everything. I just didn't feel safe here," said Dupras.

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Fresno County homicide detectives served search warrants at the Kingsburg home Jennifer Dupras shared with her estranged husband, Alan Dupras.

They seized some firearms, but never arrested Alan Dupras or anyone else.

But her father's behavior has contributed to Alison's upheaval.

"He didn't arrive at the scene of the crime, never called me, never said 'hey, how are you doing?' You know, that's my father and I no longer have a mother, so that's devastating," said Dupras.

She says she is frustrated with the pace of the investigation, but she sees how hard the detectives have worked.

Just in the last few days, investigators announced a new lead in the case.

Surveillance video showed an extended cab pickup truck they believe was involved.

Alison still wonders if her mother's death could have been prevented.

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If she would let the smile fall away and let someone know she was scared of a domestic violence situation.

"I think that's dangerous because if she felt unsafe and perhaps communicated that, maybe things would've turned out differently," said Dupras.

Jennifer Dupras filed for divorce two months before her death. Alison says her dad has lost touch with reality since then, and with her. But the nest egg her mom built hasn't escaped his grasp, despite the divorce proceedings.

"If one person in the divorce is deceased, it's like the whole divorce never happened. It's like nobody ever filed. That was never even a thing. Which is outrageous because it just incentivizes, financially, offing the other person," said Dupras.

Alison says her father is withdrawing from accounts and selling her childhood home and legally, she cannot see how to stop him since detectives are not calling him a murder suspect.

As she tries to mourn and move on, the pieces she would try to pick up are all disappearing.
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