Local training teaches skills, awareness tips to use in active shooter situation

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Mass shootings can happen anywhere, from schools to businesses to churches. That's why Assemblyman Jim Patterson said he teamed up with local safety training company, Knowledge Saves Lives, to offer a free training course.

"Hundreds of individuals if, God forbid, are in a circumstance they will be leaders that understand what to expect and they will be instrumental in saving their own life and saving others," Patterson said.

The course took people through situational awareness tips as well as different ways to hide and use items, like a fire extinguisher, if it came down to fighting.

"We want people to have just an idea of you know 'how many exits are in the area I'm at', 'how large of a group am I going to be with', 'What is an alternative route to leave that event,' just have a plan, have something in the event of an emergency, they don't freeze, that they react," said Paul Llanez with Knowledge Saves Lives.

The final portion of the training put the newly learned skills to the test. One of the instructors, dressed in camouflage, shot blank rounds.

"I think preparedness is something that everyone should spend a lot of time thinking about, things like this, whether you are on the side of guns or not, being aware of your surroundings and how to handle yourself if something does come up, it may be the difference between living and dying, said attendee Ricky Neely.

The event also discussed what to expect after officers arrive at the scene of an active shooting.
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