Lamborghini driver under the influence smashes into two cars

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In a matter of seconds, Marcus Lasalde's night shift at a Visalia 7-Eleven convenience store took a wild turn.

"Out of nowhere, you hear a loud boom," said Lasalde.

That boom was the result of a DUI crash involving a Lamborghini and two other cars near Court Street and Walnut Avenue late Saturday night.

Lasalde recorded cell phone video after walking out to help the people involved.

He told Action News what it felt like in the moments after the crash, "Just pure shock, the sound of it, the scene of everything I've never really seen anything like it before."

Not knowing who to check on first, Lasalde says it is what he saw that led him in the right direction.

"The first vehicle had a lot of oil coming out of it. You could see smoke, so I was trying to get her out and get her away from the vehicle."

While doing that, the store clerk says it was clear she was scared.

"She was pretty traumatized. She was very panicky, very confused, and pretty dazed."

Dazed from a severe crash that authorities say was caused by 18-year-old Mark Verdugo.

According to police, he was driving a Lamborghini while under the influence, when he hit two cars just before midnight.

A man and woman in one of those cars were both taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center and a second woman in another vehicle was also injured.

Investigators say Verdugo also had an illegal loaded pistol in the car.

Police were not Sunday night to comment more on the crash or provide details on the warrant that was issued for Verdugo.
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