Stolen Land Rover flips on side, trapping suspect after DTLA police chase

SOUTH LOS ANGELES -- A chase of a stolen Land Rover ended when the suspect crashed and flipped the vehicle on its side, trapping him and a female passenger inside near South Los Angeles Tuesday night.

The vehicle flipped onto its side on the Slauson Avenue exit of the southbound 110 Freeway.

A driver could be seen leaning out the window, struggling to exit the vehicle. Officers waited a safe distance away until firefighters arrived with tools to cut the suspect out of the vehicle.

The incident began with a report of a stolen vehicle in the downtown Los Angeles area. The suspect led police through downtown onto the 110, then exited at Figueroa before returning to the freeway.

Finally he apparently lost control of the vehicle, possibly on rain-slicked roads, and flipped it on its side.

Firefighters stabilized the vehicle and then cut it open to extricate the driver and female passenger. The woman reportedly told firefighters she was pregnant.
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