Lawn care web site sees increase in Valley professionals

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
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Lawn care web site sees increase in Valley professionals

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lawn care professional Guillermo Medrano is ready for a busy day on the job in Fresno and thankful to be working during the pandemic.

"I take more precautions of it, but I still like and keep going. I just make sure to take care of myself," said Gullermo Medrano,

He has been doing yard landscaping for a few years and has increased his own business by using website Lawn Love, a platform for lawn cares services.

Professionals can sign up for jobs or people can hire someone to mow their yards or do other landscaping work.

Lawn Love officials say the Department of Homeland security has named landscaping an essential business. Their CEO says they are fortunate to be able to limit in-person contact during the pandemic.

"Lawn care is naturally kind of socially distance as you imagine. It takes place outside of the home and the Lawn Love app further reinforces that in that you are no longer handing over payment in person, you don't have to show up in person for a quote," said Jeremy Yamaguchi, Lawn Love CEO.

The San Diego based company has also seen another trend.

With unemployment going up, more people have been applying for gig work with Lawn Love.

"We have seen an extraordinary uptick in people applying to work on the platform. We've seen about a 300 percent month to month increase in just Fresno alone. Our working assumption is that these are folks who did have primary jobs in other industries that have been really impacted," Yamaguchi said.

They say people must have at least one year of professional lawn care service experience, tools and their own transportation to sign up as a pro.

To date, Lawn Love has more than 40 plus pros in the Fresno area. They say that number is increasing here in the Valley and California.