Study: Majority of Bay Area residents say quality of life is getting worse and many want to leave

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Monday, February 24, 2020
Majority of Bay Area residents say quality of life is getting worse
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READY TO LEAVE: More Bay Area residents now want to leave than stay, according to a new poll

SAN FRANCSICO -- Despite high wages, an economic boom, and growing home values, there is growing dissatisfaction among people who live in the Bay Area.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and our news partner, The Mercury News, identified the main problems in a survey.

Homelessness, crime, taxes and the cost of living topped the list of reasons people are unhappy. In fact, 75% of people say the quality of life has gotten worse. That's up ten percent from 2019.

There was also a spike in the number of people who say they're thinking about leaving the area. Overall, 47% of those surveyed said they were thinking about leaving in the next year. and the number was higher for renters, six out of ten are considering a move.

The survey of 1,257 registered voters in five Bay Area counties found the concerns were spread among wealthy, middle-class and poor.

According to The Mercury News, 77% of people making less than $60,000 per year and 74% making more than $120,000 said the region is getting worse.

Young and old didn't matter. About 76% of people between the ages of 18 and 49 thought quality of life has delined. It was about 73% for people between 50 and 64 and 75% for those 65 and older.

It also didn't matter if you own a home, despite record gains in home values. 73% of homeowners and 76% of renters say Bay Area life has declined.