Simple habit changes that will reorganize your life

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Simple habit changes that will reorganize your life
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Simple habit changes that will reorganize your life.

HOUSTON, Texas (KFSN) -- What are the little things we can do that will make a big impact on how our home works and functions on a daily basis?

It's not always about cleaning out every closet, cupboard and cabinet to be organized. Changing our everyday actions in small ways will streamline our day-to-day process.

Carolina Vega just finished her doctoral degree in Neuroscience and moved to Houston for a big job opportunity in the Medical Center.

"I have a small daughter, and I really need someone to help me unpack and get my house in order," said Vega.

She hired Just Organized By Taya to help her unpack and keep a cleaner house with some simple tricks.

First, don't let that junk mail pile up on counters!

"It's like laundry - it always keeps coming. There's always more...In order to keep junk mail at a minimum, I recommend stopping at the recycling bin before you even walk in your house. That way, you can trash 60-70 percent of your mail," said owner Taya Wright.

Next, ditch the plastic grocery bags that get stuffed into our cabinets and become a space-waster. Instead, opt for reusable bags but don't store them in the house.

"Just buy a couple of bags and keep them in your car," explained Wright.

When it comes to our beauty products, check the expiration date - which is typed on some items like sunscreen - or the "period after opening" icon to see if they're past their shelf life. First, it shows you what you have and what needs to be used. Wright has another reason why we should pitch our expired products.

"You want to get rid of that because it may not be effective but that's where bacteria grows," said Wright.

Finally, don't let the bathroom counter get cluttered with products.

"In the bathroom, I recommend categorizing really basic: face, body, hair," said Wright.

Pick a place for the products you use on a daily basis, and keep them in an easy-to-access spot. This was another easy tip for Vega to follow.

"Making less junk and less clutter was really super helpful," added Vega.

Wright says if you have a couple of people sharing a bathroom in your home, assign everyone a basket that has all of their toiletries in it. They can pull it out when they get ready in the morning and then put it in a cabinet when they're finished.