Oregon town buzzing with excitement as solar eclipse nears

LINCOLN CITY, Oregon. (KFSN) -- Folks on the Oregon coast are gearing up for the total solar eclipse. It may be calm now, but some people we spoke with are still anticipating a big rush on Monday morning.

While Lincoln City is one of the first areas to get a view of the Great American Eclipse, it might not be the busiest or at least it seems that way to some.

"We live here," resident Shannon Garza said. "It's not changed much at all. I mean it's kind of a ghost town."

Like most people, Shannon and her husband were expecting large crowds of people and long lines of cars, but that wasn't the case.

"I made a funny video of the apocalyptic traffic, but there wasn't any," she said.

Shannon and her husband work near the coast and say despite the lack of people they are still pumped for the big event.

"Come on, let's party down," Freddy exclaimed. "Let's have some fun with this."

Speaking of partying, in Lincoln City the Total Solar Eclipse of the Art was one way for vendors to capitalize on this big event. We didn't have to go far to see solar eclipse themes souvenirs, and we happened to run into some out of towners. Sue and her family traveled all the way from the UK just to watch the earth, moon and sun align.

"We arrived about two or three days ago," she said. "So we're a bit jet lagged. So it's about two in the morning for us, but it's good. Yeah, so our first total eclipse of a family. We can't wait."

Forecasters are expecting some low clouds and perhaps fog early Monday, but hopefully, the wind will pick up just enough to keep it from sticking around during the peak time of the eclipse.
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