Los Banos High School targeted by vandals and thieves

LOS BANOS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Los Banos Police are looking for the thieves who stole more than $10,000 of high school Ag equipment before trashing the place.

According to Los Banos Police at around 8 pm Sunday, three men broke into Los Banos High School's storage containers, but not before using the school's forklift to vandalize the yard; including stock trailers and the vehicles used to run them.

Still totaling the dollar amount of damage from the weekend break-in, Assistant Superintendent Paul Enos says he's most concerned that the thieves seemed familiar with the area, "to do the vandalism and the thousands of dollars in damages it just doesn't make any sense."

Police say they're working closely with the school district. Though all three men were covering their face in the surveillance video, they're confident the community will help find those responsible.

The school equipment is insured, however, the timing is proving problematic. Next week is the Merced County Spring Fair, where Ag students show their projects. Now they need to find some way to move them to the fairgrounds.
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