1-year-old overdoses on heroin in Cumberland County; father charged with child abuse

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020
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1-year-old overdoses on heroin in Cumberland County; father charged with child abuse

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. -- A man is in jail after Cumberland County Sheriff's Office deputies said he left heroin in a place where a 1-year-old had access to it and overdosed.

Twenty-six-year-old Luis Castellon of Sampson County is charged with negligent child abuse resulting in serious injury.

According to a warrant from the sheriff's office, Castellon left the heroin out on New Year's Day. His 1-year-old boy then overdosed--his heart rate was recorded at 204 beats per minute, more than twice as high as normal for a child at rest.

First responders had to use two rounds of Narcan and a Narcan drip to help reverse the effects of the heroin and save the baby.

"Anytime there is a case this serious that could have led to someone's death, we try to take the most aggressive stance as possible," said Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West. "The child very easily could have died. Fortunately, medical treatment arrived quickly and we were able to reverse the effects of the opiate. He's doing well now. Could have been very serious consequences."

Deputies said the child had various internal health problems from the overdose and subsequent treatment.

Castellon appeared in court Monday afternoon, where West requested the judge increase Castellon's bond.

"The judge denied our request, but did put in a no contact provision where you can't have contact with this child or any other minor child as a result of these charges," said West.

West said the baby has been given to its mother, who appears to have had nothing to do with what happened. West said the baby is safe and is doing well.