Madera schoolkids, community leaders march to protest against police brutality

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- High school students from Madera Unified along with community leaders joined together on Friday to protest against discrimination and police brutality.

People from all walks of life joined forces to have their collective voices heard.

The protesters say they are demanding justice for George Floyd and others like him killed by law enforcement officers across the country.

"I know that with these murders, after like a week, it kind of fades away. But we wanted our community to know that this isn't a week thing, this has been happening for 400 plus years, and we want to apply the pressure and educate the public that we are hurting and we are tired of it," said Jeremiah Goodman, a protester.

Students from Madera South High's Black Student Union organized Friday's peaceful protest.

The large crowd of a couple hundred formed at John Adams Elementary before marching about a mile to Lions Park.

Along the way, protesters held signs and chanted.

"I've been discriminated, I've been racially profiled on many many counts, even at school. I'm here today to speak not only for myself but for those that cannot speak, to let my voice be heard," said organizer and recent Madera South graduate Mary Idow.

Idow wanted to bring people together and demand change.

Her idea of a small protest quickly turned into a well-organized demonstration after talking with community leaders, including Madera Police chief Dino Lawson, who showed his support by marching with the group.

"We want to show everybody what Madera is about, and what it truly means to march, rally and voice your concerns for reform and to fix what was wrong. What occurred in Minneapolis was wrong," he said.
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