Man sentenced to 65 years for deadly drive-by shooting

CUTLER, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's been almost 3 years since 24-year-old Frankie Rodriguez's family says he was gunned down right here by a gang member in front of his dad's house in Cutler

Frankie's girlfriend Yesena Morales says they just got back from seeing their baby daughter in the hospital, when she went outside to look for him, it was the last time she would see him

"When I was getting to the door I had my hand on the doorknob and I heard five gunshots right when I opened the door, I saw him lying down on the ground saying 'it hurts, it hurts'."

21-year-old Fernando Prado took Frankie's life in a drive-by shooting.

"All I got to see was my brother laying in the road with a tarp over him his hands and feet were hanging out the tarp I couldn't run and hold him and kiss my brother and tell him I love him," said Frankie's sister Amanda Luna.

Prado got away after killing Frankie, but was found and arrested a few weeks later.

And in August of last year, Prado pleaded guilty to first-degree murder with gang and street terrorism, and to shooting and injuring another person for gang and street terrorism.

Frankie's mother Arlene Yanez says she feels like her life has been put on pause, waiting to find out the fate of the man who killed her son.

"I never thought I would see him in a suit, in a coffin, I never thought I would see him like that."

And finally Tuesday, Prado was sentenced 65 years to life in prison.

"At the same time I felt my son is getting justice, and we are getting justice, and now I can move on, and now he can rest in peace, that's my baby boy that's all I was waiting for," said Yanez.

But the painful journey for justice isn't over, the family says they're still waiting for the getaway driver to be sentenced next.
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