Action News impact: Hugs, smiles as tenants of apartment complex get heat after months

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Monday night, the 50 or so families who live at a central Fresno apartment complex were cold and frustrated.

But after Action News reported on their plight, and efforts were made by the city to rectify their situation, tenants of Manchester Gardens have heat again for the first time since spring.

The Valley's chilly nights will be a little more tolerable for the residents after a load of space heaters arrived Tuesday morning to be delivered to the units while management works to get the heater fixed.

"My neighbors have been hugging. They're happy. You see the smiles and they're laughing today. That makes me feel good," said Rita Sconiers, a tenant.

"That heater has been out since the spring but you didn't mind in the summer," she added.

Sconiers said her complaints to management fell on deaf ears, and it wasn't until she contacted Action News that residents began to see changes.

City officials were present at the apartments Tuesday to oversee the progress.

"After the story aired on ABC30 Action News the city responded immediately we were out there with code enforcement," said Fresno council member Clint Olivier.

Owners of the property have assured the city they will get the heat turned back on soon and have provided each family with space heaters in the meantime.

"A plumber and electrician are on property and we expect this to get fixed today or at least in the next day or two," said Olivier.

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand said he was also aware of the situation and promised tenants this will not turn into another Summerset Villiage Apartment crisis, when hundreds of residents went weeks without hot water or heat three years ago in central Fresno.

"We have the asset team and code enforcement to go out and tackle these critical problems that are out there in rental housing with different types of health and safety issues. That's our goal to get out there but we have to be notified," Brand said.
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