Valley dog 'Marvel' given second chance at life

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Her name is Marvel and her superpower is her will to survive. Those now trying to help this broken pup say she's continued to fight ever since she was apparently hit by a car.

Kristen Hill received a call from a concerned homeowner who spotted the wounded dog on her property in mid-February.

"Once I pulled her from alongside the house and I saw how her legs truly were, it really was like 'What am I going to do?'"

Hill says she could tell Marvel's hind legs had not been working for quite some time, and photos show how scared she was initially. But Hill also saw the pup's spirit and strength, which sparked an idea.

"We've all on YouTube or everywhere else with dogs on carts, so I just figured she's got to be a candidate for a cart, right," Hill said.

From there, Hill reached out to Sharon Lohman, the president of "New Beginnings for Merced County Animals."

"We contacted a vet in Fremont that we worked with before, for Aaron, our little two-legged dog that a lot of people remember," Lohman said.

This surgery will cost $12,000 and after, Marvel will be fitted with a dog-cart to help her get around. Hill has already seen the cute canine thriving while caring for her and has high hopes for her future.

"Marvel, for instance, would make a great dog with her temperament to be one of those dogs to take into a school and show children it's ok to be different," Hill said.

Marvel is headed to Fremont, where she'll be receiving her surgery and her dog cart and after she recovers. A family in Montana is waiting to adopt her.

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